Jacqui Feeney

Jacqui Feeney

Graduate Diploma Business Administration (2000)

Managing Director, Fox International Channels (FIC)

UTS Alumni Award for Excellence 2014 - UTS Business School

From grass roots to big budget productions, Jacqui Feeney knows just how much goes on behind the scenes to keep television entertaining, stimulating and relevant.

Earlier this year Feeney was appointed Managing Director of Fox International Channels (FIC) in Australia and New Zealand. She oversees all aspects of the company’s operations in the region, covering programming, marketing, advertising sales, finance and regulation, as well as management of affiliate partner relationships.

"Collaborating on philanthropic initiatives helps ensure media is not just about entertaining, but having a positive impact on society."

It’s the best of both worlds for Feeney, who loves the creative and business sides of the industry in equal measure. “I really appreciate being part of a global business that has a deep seated entrepreneurial need to innovate in nimble and surprising ways. Representing much loved brands like National Geographic and FX means I can bring my skills to the fore and take some risks.”

Her early experience focused on content development and she sees her Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (2000) as a pivot point. “I moved my career from being about films and programs – the creative side I was originally so interested in – to focus on embracing what has become a specialty for me: the business and strategic direction of content,” she explains. This shift saw Feeney take the role of Channel Manager and then CEO for World Movies, before making a career-defining move to Foxtel, where her substantial impact on the business’ operations and content strategy laid the foundation for her current role with FIC.

Somewhere amongst all this, she finds time to help shape the industry’s future and encourage social philanthropy, serving on various industry boards – including the Documentary Foundation of Australia, who raise and distribute philanthropic funds to social justice documentary projects – and mentoring and embracing social ventures.

“Working with people who see beyond the business bottom line and collaborating on philanthropic, social justice and sustainability initiatives helps to ensure that media is not just about entertaining, but having a positive impact on society,” she says.

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