George Koukis

Dr George Koukis

Diploma Tech Commerce (1979)
Doctor of Business (Honoris Causa) (2017)

Switzerland-based Founder and Non-Executive Director, Temenos

George Koukis was born in 1946 in Chalkis, Greece and migrated to Australia in 1971. He is married, with two daughters both born in Sydney. From 1971-1980 Mr. Koukis held various management positions with the national airline of Australia, Qantas Airways.

During this period he developed various pioneering systems, the most notable ones were:

  1. The Profit Centre System which allowed profit determination by type of aircraft and sectors and 
  2. A statistical model to calculate risk for insurance premium reasons.

Both proved to be quite successful and as a result Mr. Koukis was invited to key note seminars for the airline industry worldwide.

"The basic components of the system I implemented at Qantas was the direct result of discussions at UTS!"

While at Qantas Mr. Koukis was studying at the UTS, and successfully completed a Dip Tech in Commerce in 1979. He is a member of the Australian Society of Accountants and Australian Computer Society.

From 1980 to 1986 Mr. Koukis was the Managing Director of the Pacific operations of Management Science America (MSA) based in Sydney, Australia. MSA was the leader of Computer Software business solutions.

Between 1986 and 1993 Mr. Koukis developed the CTW Ltd business plan which was financed by IAVM, a Hong Kong based Venture Capital firm.

From 1993 onwards George Koukis was the Chairman and CEO of Temenos Group. Mr. Koukis selected a very small unknown company that owned the Banking Software called GLOBUS, renamed the company Temenos which is regarded as the best company worldwide for Corebanking systems. Today Temenos has 57 offices worldwide, almost 5000 people and it is listed in the Zurich main Stock Exchange.

George Koukis retired the Chairman position of Temenos on the 1 July 2011. He is still a member of the Board of Directors. Additionally he is on the board of various companies and Chairman of The Classical Opera based in London.

George Koukis is a staunch proponent of Ethical Leadership and some of his thoughts have been reported in the Internet. He started and funded a program "Future Leaders for the World" teaching Ethical Leadership skills. He is also known for funding charity programs for hospitals.

Interview with George Koukis

On the phone from Geneva where it is close to midnight, founder of pioneer software company Temenos Group AG George Koukis makes the air in mid-morning Sydney crackle and sparkle with his enthusiasm and zest for life and learning.

"I am grateful to UTS. I think of it with absolute fondness. Six months after I arrived in Australia – with no English – I was working by day and going to school by night; not theoretical abstract stuff only but what made me think. That was why my work at night at UTS was so important to me. It is important that you learn theory and then apply it to daily work."

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