Jason Hui

Mr Jason Hui

(Sai Tan Jason Hui)

Bachelor of Business (1998)

Hong Kong-based Vice-Chair and Executive Director, Shimao Property Holdings Ltd

Sai Tan Jason Hui is the Vice Chairman and Executive Director of Shimao Group in Shaghai. He has been the group sales controller since March 2000, and is responsible for the sales, marketing, management, and design of the group’s projects.

Hui has more than 15 years’ experience in the property development industry, and has presided over the sales and marketing of Shanghai Shimao Riviera Garden, which achieved top sales proceeds among residential projects in Shanghai for four consecutive years. Under his leadership, Shimao Group’s property development revenue increased by 50 percent for two consecutive years, and was ranked as one of the top ten property companies in China.

In addition to his UTS Bachelor of Business degree, Hui has earned a Master of Science in Real Estate (University of Greenwich) and a Master of Business Administration from the University of South Australia.