Kai Chen

Mr Kai Chen

MEM (1998)
Master of Business Administration (1999)

Shanghai-based CEO, Jiangsu Aucksun Co. Ltd

Kai Chen graduated with two degrees from UTS: a Master of Engineering Management and an MBA. Chen was announced as a finalist for two 2013 Australia China Alumni Awards: the Australia China Alumni of the Year Award and the Australia China Alumni Award for Entrepreneurship.

After graduating from UTS, Chen joined a subsidiary of VSC Group – a distributor of construction and industrial materials in Hong Kong and China – as a Quality Manager and Manufacturing Manager, where he was later promoted to General Manager in 1999.

After five years as General Manager at VSC Group, Chen started a business – Aucksun Metal Co Ltd, headquartered in Zhangjiagang, China – where he is General Manager and Director. Aucksun is engaged in three areas – metal logistics, new energy and finance.