Peter Le Lievre

Mr Peter Le Lievre

Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design) (1987)

San Francisco-based Executive Director, Renewable Technology Developments Inc.
2013 Advance Global Australian Alumni Award for Manufacturing recipient

Peter Le Lievre graduated from UTS over two decades ago with a degree in industrial design and has been successful in commercialising Australian technology ever since. Peter is currently based in Silicon Valley.

"My first job out of university was to build a heart pump for a North Shore surgeon and that came out of a patent we developed for a dishwasher."

Since joining the workforce Peter has been named on 21 patents and started a handful of companies, as well as being involved in venture capitalism and raising funds to commercialise new technologies.

Interview with Peter le Lievre

After winning the Advanced Manufacturing category in the prestigious Advance Global Australian Awards 2013, Peter Le Lievre spoke with Tower Magazine.

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