Book Giveaway

Cover of Developing Cultural Intelligence at Work This month we’re excited to give away a copy of Developing Cultural Intelligence at Work to a lucky UTS Business alumnus.

Cultural intelligence, commonly known as CQ is an important work and life skill for those working or living abroad. Using real world examples and case studies, Developing Cultural Intelligence at Work examines in detail the three core features of CQ: the head, the heart and the body, while providing an insight into an outsider’s natural ability to interpret and respond to unfamiliar cultural signals in an appropriate manner. Amongst the contributors of this insightful publication is the new Dean of the School of Business Professor Chris Early.

To be in the chance to win, simply submit your details and enter the draw by Friday 16 February 2018.

The winner will be notified by email on Monday 19 February 2018 and announced in the next edition of #think here newsletter.

Congratulations to Michael Meyer (B.Bus graduate from ‘78) for winning a copy of Gehry in Sydney, edited by Liisa Naar and Stewart Clegg.

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