Dr Chau Scholars Network

The Dr Chau Chak Wing Scholarships Program was officially launched in 2014.The scholarships have been made possible with the support and generosity of Australian-Chinese businessman and philanthropist Dr Chau Chak Wing. This $5 million gift reflects Dr Chau’s leadership in business, education and Australia-China relations.

“I am delighted to make this gift to UTS as I believe in its vision and commitment to excellence.  I hope this gift continues to inspire global excellence and encourage others to support the education sector, in particular UTS. I look forward to a long, enduring friendship with the University.” 

Dr Chau Chak Wing


The scholarship endowment program aims to build relationships and develop long term educational strategies between UTS and China, by providing support to Chinese students undertaking study at UTS, and Australian students enrolled at UTS to undertake study in China.

The scholarships reward the best, brightest and most deserving students. In 2014, 32 exceptional students from UTS and China received a scholarship. They are the founding members of what will quickly grow to become a dynamic, influential and prestigious alumni network known as the Dr Chau Scholars Network. In 2015, the network was augmented by the addition of a further 19 Dr Chau Chak Wing Scholars.

This is a network of future leaders who, thanks to the generosity of Dr Chau, will continue to grow and strengthen for generations to come. In just five years we expect the network to expand to 150 graduates. Inspired by Dr Chau’s example, Dr Chau Chak Wing Scholars will help to foster relationships and educational outcomes between UTS and China.

The scholarships build on the already rich and diverse collaborations UTS has with China by enabling students to study overseas, promoting cultural exchange and deepening relations between Australia and China.

“The endowment creates extraordinary opportunities for Australian and Chinese students to build a deeper understanding of each other’s countries and cultures as well as creating future institutional and research links. We hope this will be a catalyst to build enduring relationships at the teaching and research level, not only with our existing Key Technology Partners in China, but with many other universities and institutions”.

Professor Attila Brungs
UTS Vice-Chancellor and President

Dr Chau Scholars NetworkDr Chau Scholars Network
Dr Chau Scholars NetworkDr Chau Scholars Network

Photos from the 100th Dr Chau Chak Wing Scholarship Celebration in 2017.

Recipient stories

"I am a graduate student from Shanghai University and was fortunate to receive a Dr Chau Chak Wing Scholarship to achieve my dream of studying at UTS in Sydney. I have been Australia for three months so far and in this time I have seen improvements in my language and social skills. It has been a precious experience so far and one I will make the most out of and treasure forever."

Wanwen He, Master of Engineering
Key Technology Partnerships (KTP) Category

"The scholarship not only reduced the financial pressure of living in a foreign country, but it also pushed me to work harder. During my time at UTS, I learnt a lot from both study and normal life. I realized I still need to improve my language skills, however, learning in a different environment has given me valuable experience that I would not get at a Chinese university. In the future, I hope I can follow in the footprints of Dr Chau and help more students to study at UTS and experience what I have."

Jiakun Liu, Bachelor of Business
SILC Pathway Category