Kuring-gai Staff Network

The Kuring-gai Staff Network has developed out of the strong commitment of former staff members to stay in touch with colleagues of the Kuring-gai campus of UTS (previously at the Kuring-gai College of Advanced Education).

If you have any queries regarding the Kuring-gai Staff Network, please contact a committee member or the Alumni Relations Office.


Ken Doyle, President
dr.kendoyle@bigpond.com.au / 02 9449 9160

Sue Johnston, Secretary
sue.johnston@uts.edu.au / 02 9514 3246

Bill Ticehurst, Treasurer
bill.ticehurst@uts.edu.au / 02 9868 2429

Committee members
  • Bill Blissenden
  • Joanne Cunningham-Lang
  • Sam Heyman
  • Anne Kellick
  • Phillipa Morris
  • Hugh Pritchard
  • Graeme Sheather