UTS Alumni Published Authors

Image: UTS Alumni Publised Authors

Deborah Abela

Bachelor of Arts in Communication
Published work:  Ghost Club (three-book series); Max Remy Superspy (10-book series); Jasper Zammit (Soccer Legend) (three-book series); The Remarkable Secret of Aurelie Bonhoffen; Grimsdon

Dr Manisha Amin

Doctor of Philosophy
Published work:  Dancing to the Flute

Jesse Blackadder

Masters in Creative Writing
Published work:  Chasing the Light; The Raven's Heart; After the Party; Stay: The Last Dog in Antartica; Paraku: The Desert Brumby; Ringo: The Lost Flying Fox

Clint Caward

Bachelor of Arts in Communications (Writing and Cultural Studies) and Master of Arts by Research in Creative Writing
Published work:  Love Machine

Christopher Cheng

Diploma in Teaching
Published work:  One Tree; New Year Surprise; Australia’s Greatest Inventions and Innovations; Michelle’s Magical World; Classic Australian Poems; Locally Wild; 30 Amazing Australian Animals; Alpine Regions; Rainforests; Ginger Meggs & Friends Pet Care Book; Stuntumble Monday – Teachers’ Resource Book;

Dr Bernard Cohen

Doctor of Creative Arts
Published work:  The Blindman's Hat; The Antibiography of Robert F. Menzies; Hardly Beach Weather; Tourism; Snowdome; When I Saw the Animal

Julie Chevalier

Master of Arts in Writing (Research)
Published work: Permission to Lie

Katerina Cosgrove

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Communication; Doctor of Creative Arts
Published work:  Bone Ash Sky; The Glass Heart; Southern Sun, Aegean Light: Poetry of Second-Generation Greek-Australians; Intimate Distance

John Dale

Master of Arts in Writing; Doctor of Creative Arts
Published work:  Leaving Suzie Pye; Huckstepp – A Dangerous Life; Wild Life; The Dogs Are Barking; Dark Angel; Sydney Noir (Ed.)

Anh Do

Bachelor of Business
Published work:  The Happiest Refugee

Associate Professor Peter Doyle

Bachelor of Arts in Communication
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Published work:  Get Rich Quick; Amaze Your Friends; The Devil’s Jump; Echo and Reverb; City of Shadows; Crooks Like Us; The Big Whatever; Sydney Noir

Judyth Emanuel

Master of Arts in Creative Writing
Published work:  YEH.HELL.OW

Dr Suzanne Falkiner

Doctor of Creative Arts
Published work:  The Imago: E.L. Grant Watson & Australia; Joan in India; Lizard Island: The Journey of Mary Watson; The Writer's Landscape: Wilderness; The Writer's Landscape: Settlement; Ethel: A Love Story; Eugenia, A Man; After the Great Novelist; Rain in the Distance; Room to Move

Dr Pamela Freeman

Doctor of Creative Arts; Master of Arts in Writing; Bachelor of Arts in Communication
Published work:  Ember and Ash; The Murderers' Apprentice; The Black Dress; The Willow Tree's Daughter; Windrider; The Centre of Magic; Hair of the Skeleton; Scum of the Earth; Trick of the Light; Shipborn; Victor's Quest; The Wonder Dog; Make Me the Flowergirl; Nanna; Cherryblossom and the Golden Bear; Princess Betony and the Unicorn; Lollylegs; The Castings Trilogy (Blood Ties, Deep Water, Full Circle)

Susanna Freymark

Masters in Creative Writing
Published work:  Losing February

Holly Friedlander Liddicoat

Bachelor of Arts in Communication – Writing and Cultural Studies & International Studies
Published work: Crave

Dr Anna Funder

Doctor of Creative Arts
Published work:  All That I Am; Stasiland

Nikki Gemmell

Master of Arts in Writing (Thesis); Bachelor of Arts in Communication
Published work:  Shiver; Lovesong; Cleave; The Bride Stripped Bare; With My Body; Alice Springs; Pleasure: An Almanac for the Heart; The Book of Rapture; Honestly; Why You are Australian

Susanne Gervay

Master of Arts in Writing (Thesis)
Published work:  I am Jack; Super Jack; Always Jack; Butterflies; Daisy Sunshine; The Cave; Terror Incognito; That's Why I Wrote this Song; Ships in the Field; Gracie and Josh

Tom Gilling

Doctor of Creative Arts
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Published work:  The Sooterkin; Miles McGinty; Dreamland; Seven Mile Beach; Sydney Noir

Dr Kate Grenville

Doctor of Creative Arts
Published work:  Bearded Ladies; Lillian's Story; Dreamhouse; Joan Makes History; Dark Places The Idea of Perfection; The Secret River; The Lieutenant; Sarah Thornhill

Dr Ashley Hay

Doctor of Creative Arts
Published work: The Railwayman's Wife; The Body in the Clouds; Museum: The Macleays, Their Collections and the Search for Order; Herbarium; Gum: The Story of Eucalypts and Their Champions; The Secret: The Strange Marriage of Annabelle Milbanke & Lord Byron

Mark Isaacs

Bachelor of Arts in Communications (Writing and Cultural Studies) and Bachelor of Arts in International Studies
Published work: The Kabul Peace House; Nauru Burning; The Undesirables

Jill Jones

Graduate Diploma in Communication; Master of Arts in Writing (Research)
Published work: Dark Bright Doors; Broken/Open; Struggle & Radiance; The Mask and the Jagged Star

Dr Andy Kissane

Doctor of Creative Arts
Published work: The Swarm; Under the Same Sun

Dominic Knight

Master of Arts in Professional Writing
Published work: Disco Boy; Comrades

Eleanor Limprecht

Master of Arts in Creative Writing
Published work: What Was Left; Long Bay; The Passengers; Sydney Noir

Dr Peter Minter

Master of Arts in Writing (Research); Doctor of Philosophy
Published work: Overland

Pip Newling

Master of Arts in Professional Writing
Published work: Knockabout Girl

PM Newton

Graduate Diploma in Information Management; Graduate Certificate in Writing; Master of Arts in Writing (Research)
Published work: The Old School

Yvette Poshoglian

Bachelor of Teaching in Secondary Education; Grad Dip in Journalism
Published work: My Australian Story: Escape from Cockatoo Island; Ella and Olivia (six-book series)

Aimee Said

Bachelor of Arts in Communication
Published work: Little Sister; Finding Freia Lockhart

Mandy Sayer

Doctor of Creative Arts
Published work: Mood Indigo; Blind Luck; The Cross; Dreamtime Alice; The Night has a Thousand Eyes; Velocity; Love in the Years of Lunacy; The Poet’s Wife; Sydney Noir

Conrad Walters

Master of Arts in Creative Writing
Published work: Journeys on the Silk Road (with Joyce Morgan)