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Summer 2013

I am very excited about this special 'Travel' edition of Writers Connect. Whether you explore new places in person or prefer to experience them along with the writer in a book, travel can be an escape, an adventure or a form of relaxation.

While you sunbathe, or perhaps while you hide from the sun this summer, you can learn why Victoria Milner thinks Burma is such a special place, laugh at DC Green's literally hair-raising adventure in Indonesia, learn about life as a travel writer in Amy McPherson's piece and ponder Sunil Badami's thoughts on travel and nostalgia for home and for the past. You might find good ideas on places to visit on your next trip or you may be enticed into writing about travel yourself.

I have just returned from my most adventurous trip to date, after being coaxed into visiting South-East Asia by an adventure-loving sister-in-law. More on my trip below.

I hope all of you had a wonderful break over Christmas and are having a very happy start to 2013. For those of you back at work, take it easy and maybe start planning your next holiday after reading this issue.

We welcome all of our new Writers Network members and hope you enjoy Writers Connect! Please send us your submissions for upcoming issues and share news, opportunities and events by email or on the UTS Writers' Alumni Facebook group.

Roz Bellamy
Guest Editor of Writers Connect
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What makes Burma so special?

What makes Burma so special? Read more.

Victoria Milner wrote about why she found Burma to be such a special and unique place on her recent trip. Her descriptions of the people, landscape and spirituality are vivid and enticing. As a country on the road to democracy, she observed that Burma "is a country with a troubled past and a gently optimistic future."

The Haircut

The Haircut. Read more.

DC Green's piece shows how a commonplace incident like a having a haircut can turn into a hilarious, memorable situation when you travel, especially in an Indonesian village. Enjoy his descriptions of the villagers as his "appearance evolved from a semi-hippy state to Top Gun candidate material".

Questions of Travel

Questions of Travel. Read more.

Sunil Badami wrote this poignant, reflective piece from India, where he is currently researching and writing a novel set in Bangalore. As someone with two 'homelands', Sydney and Bangalore, his trips home involve a sense of grief and loss. Sunil describes this feeling as being "caught between two places, the past and the present."

Why I Write

Why I Write. Read more.

As a travel writer, Amy McPherson finds that many people make assumptions about her work – that she travels for free, all the time, sponsored by tourism boards. Amy says, "…in reality I spend most of my time in my hotel room trying to meet deadlines, and not all my trips come free." Read on to discover what the life of a travel writer – which is sometimes less than glamorous – entails.