Anti-Slavery Australia Freedom Awards

Join us for a fabulous evening of live music, drinks and canapés to celebrate outstanding work in the fight against modern-day slavery.

The 2015 Anti-Slavery Australia Freedom Awards will award individuals and organisations who have been involved in significant initiatives against slavery, forced labour, forced marriage, and human trafficking and have made a positive difference to the lives of survivors. The evening will feature insights into progress and developments within the sector, and promote ethical approaches to combatting these human rights abuses.

About Anti-Slavery Australia

Anti-Slavery Australia at UTS is the first and only legal and policy centre in Australia dedicated to meeting the legal needs of people who have been trafficked to, or enslaved in, Australia.

Anti-Slavery Australia has been providing direct assistance to trafficked and enslaved persons since 2004 and is dedicated to eliminating slavery in all of its forms through a range of direct service and advocacy programs.

Collaboration is a core value at ASA and we are committed to engaging a broad audience of client, community and government stakeholders in activities aimed at ending violence, exploitation and injustice.

Anti-Slavery Australia Freedom Awards