Synthetic biology: the new disruptive innovation?

A special event with Dr Michael Molitor

UTS Business School invites you to a special event with Dr Michael Molitor, a visiting professor in the International Energy Program at SciencesPo in Paris.

While most of the wealth generated over the past 40 years has been leveraged on our expanding knowledge of physics and its application in information technology, the rapidly emerging field of synthetic biology is proving to be a key new economic growth platform.

Moore’s Law of declining costs has been left behind, as the costs of decoding a human genome fall from billions to less than one dollar by 2017, and companies are already using this new knowledge to produce a range of synthetics, including drugs, milk, fuels and chemicals.

Dr Molitor will discuss how and why synthetic biology is the disruptive growth platform of the 21st century.

In addition to his visiting professor role at SciencesPo, Michael Molitor serves as a senior advisor to the Climate Bonds Initiative in London. His qualifications include a BA (Michigan); MSc (London School of Economics/Imperial College) and a PhD (Cambridge), as well as a post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard. His work focuses on disruptive innovation and resource productivity.

We look forward to seeing you there!