Reproductive Technologies and the Law

UTS: Law is pleased to invite you to attend a panel discussion on Reproductive Technologies and the Law at UTS on Wednesday 5 October.

UTS:Law is at the forefront of research on Health Justice, exploring the complex current issues in health regulation, and we are delighted to host this important discussion exploring issues pertaining to surrogacy, designer babies, cloning and IVF. 

Panellists include:

  • Professor Isabel Karpin, UTS: Law, researches on the bioethical implications of laws governing reproductive technologies, genetic testing and disability. She explores the challenge posed by new biotechnological developments on legal understandings of normality, disability, individuality, and family.  Professor Karpin will draw upon her current work, Regulating Regulations: Forming Families Inside and Outside of the Reach of the Law, which seeks to make recommendations for legal and policy changes.
  • Mr Jeremy Kirk SC, Barrister, is a leading commercial litigation senior counsel who has undertaken a number of lengthy and significant trials, and has appeared in ICAC and the Trade Union Royal Commission.
  • Mr Sam Everingham, is the Global Director and Founder of Families through Surrogacy, a consumer-based non-profit organisation focused on creating networks that foster best practice in surrogacy arrangements.
  • Ms Miranda Kaye is a UTS: Law Lecturer and Research Assistant in family law and surrogacy regulation.

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