UTS Sport Business Breakfast

Dopey policy? The Global Management of Anti-Doping

International efforts to monitor and deter the use of performance-enhancing substances and methods in sport have recently been the subject of substantial criticism. What changes to policy and practice are needed in order to establish confidence in the global anti-doping system?

This complex topic is the subject of the next UTS Sport Business Breakfast, which will feature a panel discussion with:

Tracey Holmes - Chair - ABC’s The Ticket

Tracey Holmes Tracey Holmes has 25 years’ experience as a journalist and media interviewer, working for organisations as diverse as CNN International, CCTV News International China, Arirang TV Korea and the Australian Broadcasting Commission. Tracey is one of Australia’s foremost media commentators on the politics of sport, and she hosts an ABC Radio Program dedicate to that topic - The Ticket - which airs weekends and is available by podcast. Tracey has recently returned from the Rio Olympics, where she reported for international media outlets, interviewing both athletes and administrators.

Richard Ings - Former head of ASADA

Richard Ings Richards Ings been involved in sport rules administration and the monitoring of compliance for over 15 years. In 2005 Richard was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA), a position he held until 2010. In that role, Ings was responsible for operationalising Federal Government policy in respect of performance-enhancing drugs, and for overseeing the implementation of the World Anti-Doping Authority (WADA) code in Australia. Ings is a regular contributor to media discussions about drugs and sport.

Darren Kane - Prominent sport lawyer

Darren Kane Darren Kane is a commercial lawyer with expertise in legal issues related to sport. He holds a Master of Laws (LL.M) specialising in sports law, and practices in Sydney. Kane advises in a wide range of areas of sport and the law, including sports governance, the drafting and implementation of sporting rules and regulations, and anti-doping. He contributes articles about sport issues to the media, and is a well-known contributor to public debate about drugs in sport.

Daryl Adair - UTS researcher on drugs and sport

Daryl Adair Daryl Adair is Associate Professor of Sport Management at University of Technology Sydney. He is interested in policies and programs associated with both performance-enhancing and illicit drugs in sport. His column 'The Bounce of the Ball' can be found at The Conversation. Adair is on the editorial board of several journals devoted to the study of sport and society, the most relevant here being Performance Enhancement and Health.

A stand-up breakfast will be served prior to the panel discussion.

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