Australia Piano Quartet: Transparent

In its fifth year as the UTS Ensemble-in-Residence, the Australia Piano Quartet invites you to Transparent, its first public performance of the year as part of the UTS series, on Saturday 13 May 2017.

This performance has evolved from wonderful collaboration between the APQ and the UTS School of Design.  According to Head of School, Professor Lawrence Wallen, “Transparent is a concert installation that makes visible the tacet (silence), diatonic and chromatics of Schnittke, Mahler and Shostakovich's chamber music through atmospheric strategies of transparency and translucency to create an associative relationship between space, music and image.”

In the intimate industrial space of Kensington Street’s The Old Rumstore, next to Central Park in Chippendale, and across the road from the UTS Tower, “the audience will be immersed in a suspended state of synaesthesia, where tonal chromatics find expression in spatial compression and silence is rendered transparent”.

Come along and be surprised and exhilarated by this one hour evening performance. You may like to dine out afterward in any of the excellent eating places around Kensington Street.

Know someone who missed their invitation? If you are in touch with any UTS graduates who may be interested in attending, please share this invitation with them.

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