Driving Disability Employment

With over 2 million Australians of working age living with disability, more and more smart businesses see the strong case for inclusive employment practices to meet their business needs.

Learn more about the benefits of employing people with disability at Driving Disability Employment, hosted by UTS and JobAccess:

  • Learn how employing people with disability is low risk and high return
  • Understand how Australian Government support services work
  • Meet people who live and work with disability
  • Experience new learning opportunities with technology
  • Gather examples of good practice to take back to your workplace
  • Connect with the people and services that can help you on your way

This interactive session will include presentations, panel discussions and opportunities for networking.

Guest speakers include:

  • Verity Firth, Executive Director, Social Justice, Equity and Diversity Unit, UTS
  • Graeme Innes AM, Australian Company Director, Lawyer and Australia's Disability Discrimination Commissioner from December 2005 to July 2014
  • Professor Simon Darcy, Management Discipline Group, UTS Business School
  • Ritchie Djamhur, Head Of Sales, Learning and Culture at Bing Lee Electronics
  • Helen Green, Director, Disability Employment Services Support Programmes and Employer Engagement, Department of Social Services

JobAccess is the national hub for workplace and employment information for people with disability, employers and service providers.

For more information on the seminar or if you have any questions or require assistance, please contact us at gettingtoyes.ndrc@workfocus.com or call Karla on 03 8102 8787.