MBA Women’s Network Event

Women in Leadership

We warmly invite you to attend our first MBA Women’s Network event for 2017 at the UTS Business School on Tuesday 30 May 2017. “Women in Leadership” is a seminar featuring a panel of women leaders from a cross-section of industries including a serial entrepreneur, a school principal, an academic in leadership, and an executive from the private equity sector.

This diverse panel representation is deliberate – not all ‘women in leadership’ come from the traditional corporate sector. Indeed, female leadership, as with leadership in general, is not confined to large, multinational organisations. The issues women face are just as real, intense and complex in small start-ups, in running a public school, and in academia, as it is for women in leadership positions for large corporations.


  • Carrie Kwan, CEO and Co-Founder, Mums & Co
  • Abbey Proud, Principal, Newtown Public School
  • Dr Helena Liu, Senior Lecturer, School of Management, UTS
  • Bing Jiang, AVCAL Diversity Committee Member and Investment Director at Next Capital

Following the seminar there will be an opportunity for further discussion and networking with drinks and canapes.

Speaker Biographies

Carrie KwanCarrie Kwan

CEO and Co-Founder, Mums & Co

Carrie Kwan is the Co-Founder of Mums & Co, with a vision to inspire women to realise success in their businesses and their lives by creating Australia's most connected and empowered community of mums in business. Prior to Mums & Co, Carrie founded, popular insider's digital lifestyle guide established in 2008. Daily Addict was shortlisted for Mumbrella Readers’ Choice Awards - Media Brand of the Year the following year.

Carrie was featured in the book #IFSHECANICAN to guide aspiring and established entrepreneurs on their business journeys. Carrie has been involved in mentoring initiatives, most recently for Rare Birds (a global women's entrepreneur community) and Slingshot (a corporate innovator and start-up accelerator). Before starting Daily Addict, Carrie worked for 10 years in corporate marketing and communications (five of them in London.) She’s travelled extensively across Europe, written for Mr & Mrs Smith as a Travel Reviewer, loves digital and lives with her husband Michael and two sons (a toddler and newborn) in Sydney.

Abbey ProudAbbey Proud

Principal, Newtown Public School

Abbey Proud is an educator, author and scholar, recently completing a Masters in Instructional leadership at the Graduate School of Education, Melbourne University. She is currently a primary school principal and has been an educator with Public Schools, New South Wales for over twenty years. She has taught in a diverse range of settings from high school, primary school and schools for students with special needs.

Her expertise includes; school improvement, strategic planning, community engagement, classroom teaching and learning, and leadership capacity-building for aspiring leaders and early career teachers. She received a Quality Teaching Award from the Australian Council of Educational Leaders and most recently, an award for Excellence in Community Building from the NSW Department of Education. She is passionate about promoting excellence in public schools and building social capital through leadership development.

Helena LiuDr Helena Liu

Senior Lecturer, School of Management, UTS

Dr Helena Liu is a researcher who joined UTS Business School in January 2016. Her research focuses on the discursive construction of leadership, which has led her to examine how leaders apologise for failure and the media representation of authenticity among banking CEOs during the Global Financial Crisis.

Dr Liu is broadly concerned with the ways power influences our enduring romance with leadership. Currently, she is inspired by the potential for critical race and anti-colonial theories to interrogate the invisible dominance of whiteness in leadership. She aims to explore through future empirical research the ways through which leadership could be exercised towards the goals of equality, justice and emancipation.

Central to her work is a critical disposition towards the gendered, racialised and classed nature of how we have come to understand leadership. Her current projects seek to engage intellectual activism to challenge the imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.

Click here for more about Dr Liu’s recent research projects.

Bing JiangBing Jiang

Investment Director, Next Capital, and Diversity Committee Member of the Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association

Bing has a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Commerce with University of Queensland. She became an Analyst with Morgan Stanley for four years in Hong Kong then she decided to pursue a career in private equity. She loved the high energy deal environment prevalent in an investment bank, but wanted to take on more responsibilities and develop a broader set of skills. She learnt about private equity through working on a number of sponsor-led transactions.

Bing moved onto a career in Private Equity with Next Capital in 2010. She now enjoys the new level of client engagement, finding that compared to her previous work as an advisor, where her involvement in the business stopped when the deal was complete, in private equity, it’s the start of the journey towards building a great business, and at the same time, delivering strong returns for investors.

Click here to read more about Bing’s work with AVCAL.

Lan SnellDr Lan Snell (Moderator)

Director Education Services, MBA Director
UTS Business School

Dr Lan Snell is the Director of Education Services and MBA Director at UTS Business School. Her teaching experience comes from institutions including Macquarie University, UTS, and the University of Sydney. Before academia, Lan was the APAC Marketing Director for a global management consulting firm. Lan holds a Bachelor of Business from UTS, a Master of Educational Leadership from Macquarie University, and a PhD in Services Marketing from the University of Sydney.