EMBA Breakfast Masterclass: Innovation Lessons from China’s Best Companies

Join us for the first EMBA Breakfast event of 2018. Professor Bruce McKern will present this masterclass and lead a discussion on what Western executives can learn from the path-breaking innovation capabilities of China’s best companies.

China’s world-leading companies are now expanding into the markets of the developed world. They already pose challenges to established Western firms. Professor McKern will explain the three phases in the growth and development of innovative companies in China; the specific innovation practices used by the best Chinese companies; and what the world can learn from their business and innovation strategies.

Professor McKern is an educator, corporate advisor and researcher on innovation, strategy & international business. He was Director of the Stanford Sloan Master’s Program at the Stanford Business School, President of the Carnegie Bosch Institute at Carnegie Mellon University; Professor and Co-director of the Centre on China Innovation at the China Europe International Business School in Shanghai and Dean of two Australian business schools.

He has published nine books and many academic articles on international business and innovation. His education includes a BE in Chemical Engineering Hons. (Sydney) and a Doctorate in International Business (Harvard). Professor McKern is currently an Adjunct Professor at the University of Technology Sydney.

Professor McKern is co-author of China’s Next Strategic Advantage: From Imitation to Innovation, MIT Press 2016.