The Future of Work and Managing Millennials

Join the UTS Business School at this breakfast briefing on The Future of Work and Managing Millennials, featuring PwC Director Dr Ben Hamer.

Disruption is the new norm. Organisations are experiencing unprecedented levels of change driven by technology, connectedness, globalisation, volatile economies, and shifting employee and consumer demand. These changes will have a significant impact upon an organisation’s operations and its workforce. Organisations can either embrace the change, or be changed. Those that fail to dramatically shift their strategy to suit this new world order risk irrelevance. Developing people and sustainable operations strategies that address these changes is imperative.

At the briefing, Dr Hamer will provide an overview of some of the key trends shaping the future of work and profile one key ingredient to workplace success: Millennials. He will then be joined by UTS Senior Lecturer in Human Resources Management Dr Robyn Johns for a panel discussion moderated by UTS Business School Associate Professor Dr Sarah Kaine.

Dr Ben Hamer is an Australian Human Resources Institute-awarded practitioner and expert in workforce strategy, planning and The Future of Work. He has a Doctorate from the University of Canberra, has been a Visiting Scholar at Yale University, and teaches Workforce Strategy at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.