UTS: Alumni Awards

The UTS alumni community is filled with passionate, creative and innovative leaders, who are making a difference in our world and inspiring those around them. The UTS Alumni Awards celebrate the exceptional achievements of these alumni.

Nominations for the 2017 Awards are now closed. Recipients will be announced at a special gala dinner on Thursday 21 September 2017.


Award categories

  • Faculty Awards: The seven faculty awards recognise outstanding achievement by alumni from each UTS faculty
  • Community Alumni Award: Recognises outstanding contribution by a graduate to the community at a local, national and/or international level. Contribution could be through professional, charitable, cultural and/or sporting activities.
  • Indigenous Australian Alumni Award: Recognises outstanding achievement by a graduate who is an Aboriginal person or Torres Strait Islander
  • International Alumni Award: Recognises outstanding achievement by a graduate who was enrolled as an international student while attending UTS
  • Young Alumni Award: Recognises outstanding achievement by a graduate aged 35 and younger at the close of nominations

Eligibility criteria

  • Award recipients must be graduates of UTS or one of our six antecedent institutions
  • Permission must be obtained from a graduate before submitting a nomination
  • A graduate can be nominated for more than one award
  • Self-nominations are not accepted
  • UTS Luminaries and past UTS Alumni Award recipients are not eligible
  • Previously nominated alumni who were unsuccessful may be renominated
  • The Selection Panel is made up of UTS representatives. The Panel reserves the right to reallocate nominations between categories and the decision of the Selection Panel is final and conclusive
  • Promotion: UTS reserves the right to use award recipients’ names and images in the media and UTS publications in the context of the UTS Alumni Awards