UTS Alumni Award Recipients 2013

Andrew PenfoldAndrew Penfold

UTS Chancellor's Award for Excellence 2013
UTS Community Alumni Award 2013
Bachelor of Laws (1995)

Becoming a full-time volunteer may not seem like the most natural progression for a former lawyer and investment banker. However, the business experience was crucial for Andrew Penfold in helping to make a profound social impact through his subsequent charitable work.

After graduating from UTS with a Bachelor of Law in 1995, Penfold practiced in London, before transitioning to investment banking in Hong Kong.

In 2002, Penfold tragically lost 12 of his friends in the Bali bombings. Along with two friends, he set up the charitable Hong Kong Rugby Bali Fund and raised more than $2 million in a few months. A year later he heard about a handful of Indigenous students enrolled at his former high school, St Joseph's College in Hunters Hill.

"One thing led to another and within a year, I had quit my investment banking job in Hong Kong, moved back to Sydney with my wife and three kids, and spent the next five years working full-time but voluntarily from my dining room setting up and running a fund that has now raised $7 million to support up to 40 Indigenous boys boarding at St Joseph's College on a permanent basis."

Its success lead to the establishment of the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF), of which Penfold is the CEO and Director. The Foundation has raised nearly $80 million to help educate 7000 marginalised Indigenous children at some of Australia's leading schools.

Penfold says education has been the most important way to overcome disadvantage throughout human history regardless of race, colour or creed.

"Being able to create something from scratch to help thousands of Indigenous kids have a better life is obviously something I am very passionate about. Having my kids grow up seeing their mum and dad dedicated to doing something to make our world a better place and how that makes our kids better people is probably what I am most proud of."

Reynato ReodicaReynato Reodica

UTS Young Alumni Award 2013
Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Social Enquiry)
Bachelor of Laws (2007)

Aged just 29, Reynato already has 13 years of policy and research achievements under his belt, promoting positive social change for youths, particularly those who are disadvantaged. At age 18, he was elected Chair of the Youth Action and Policy Association (YAPA), and in 2007 at just 23, he was appointed the youngest Chief Executive since YAPA's inception. In April 2012 Reynato transitioned to youth affairs at the federal level as Deputy Director of the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition. His focus is on the provision of support and development services to some of Australia's most vulnerable and disadvantaged young people.

Professor Lesley PageProfessor Lesley Page

UTS International Alumni Award 2013
Doctor of Philosophy (2005)

Lesley has managed to integrate policy leadership, research and development, and being a practising midwife into her widely lauded career. Among her many achievements, Lesley helped establish the first legally recognised midwifery service in British Columbia's health service in the 1980s. She has served on three national committees in the UK, worked and lectured in 13 countries, penned the influential book The New Midwifery: Science and Sensitivity in Practice, and, in 2007, was made Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Midwives (UK).

Maile CarnegieMaile Carnegie

UTS Alumni Award for Excellence 2013, UTS Business School
Bachelor of Business in Marketing (1992)

As the recently appointed Managing Director of Google Australia & New Zealand, Maile is leading the next frontier of the technology industry. She has been on a career trajectory having worked across a number of portfolios in several countries with Proctor and Gamble prior to moving to Google earlier this year. All that and raising a family as well. Maile is a strong advocate for gender equity in the workplace and is a valued member of UTS Business School's Industry Advisory Board, helping to enable the next generation of leaders.

Casey Gee Hoon HyunCasey Gee Hoon Hyun

UTS Alumni Award for Excellence 2013, Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building
Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design (1997)

As Creative Design Manager of Hyundai-Kia in Korea, the world's fifth-largest car manufacturer, with international sales of almost seven million cars annually, Casey is responsible for more than just a beautiful aesthetic. In 2009 Casey was lead designer in the development of Hyundai's Design Identity 'Fluidic Sculpture' which has set the framework for all Hyundai global and domestic automotive designs.

Casey gives back to UTS by delivering lectures, and enables current UTS students to travel to Korea by arranging funding and organising tours of the Hyundai ASAN car factory. Casey is also a generous supporter of future design graduates through the Casey Hyun Industrial Design Award at UTS.

Dr Katherine CarrollDr Katherine Carroll

UTS Alumni Award for Excellence 2013, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
Doctor of Philosophy (2009)

Katherine is a brilliant researcher, colleague and member of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at UTS. She has received several important grants and awards for her work on breast milk donations which holds significance for clinical, socioeconomic as well as cultural interest in the environment of neonatal intensive care. Her pioneering work was rewarded recently with an Assistant Professor position at the renowned Mayo Clinic in the US.

Fiona RankinFiona Rankin

UTS Alumni Award for Excellence 2013, Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology
Master of Business in Information Technology (2000)

With 20 years of technology and executive management under her belt, Fiona has enjoyed an exciting and diverse career. Her latest achievement in her current role as Chief Information officer at NSW Treasury Corporation (TCorp) is the successful implementation of a business-to-business web-based financial services portal that will serve over 150 agencies with global reach. In addition to sitting on FEIT's Industry Advisory Board, Fiona is also a member of Women on Boards and the Children's Medical Research Institute Fundraising Committee.

Theodora AhilasTheodora Ahilas

UTS Alumni Award for Excellence 2013, Faculty of Law
Bachelor of Laws (1991)

A Principal Lawyer at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, Theodora has spent the past 22 years representing asbestos victims – helping to create better futures for her often-terminally ill clients. Helping families to achieve compensation is no small task, but Theodora says it is an honour even though some days she feels like she is "going into the trenches". "Part of the excitement of this job is that nearly every day is different. Things are unpredictable and ever changing."

Her relentless determination, compassion and commitment to obtaining justice for victims and their families was rewarded with the 2012 Law and Justice Foundation's Justice Medal.

Robert SpurrsRobert Spurrs

UTS Alumni Award for Excellence 2013, Faculty of Health
Bachelor of Arts in Human Movement (2000)

As Head of Conditioning at the Sydney Swans, Robert is responsible for managing the physical preparation of the entire player list, including training, recovery, monitoring, and research programs. The Swans have qualified for the Finals series in 10 of the 12 seasons that Robert has been involved in the physical preparation of the players. In 2012, the team achieved the ultimate prize – winning the premiership. Robert has retained his connection to UTS by maintaining a highly credited evidenced based research culture at the Sydney Swans. As a result, UTS enjoys a strong and ongoing research relationship with the Swans who also support the placement of many UTS postgraduate students.

Associate Professor Stuart TangyerAssociate Professor Stuart Tangye

UTS Alumni Award for Excellence 2013, Faculty of Science
Doctor of Philosophy in Science (1996)

Stuart is one of Australia's preeminent medical scientists working in human immunology at the Garvan Institute of Medical research. Stuart has both an undergraduate degree and PhD Science with UTS. His work focuses on studying diseases and it's knowing that this will someday lead to improvements in the management of patients and the prognosis of their diseases that drives Stuart. Since 1995, he has published 67 peer-reviewed articles and has been invited to contribute 20 reviews for journals. Stuart has active collaborations with research labs in Australia, Europe and the USA and is internationally recognised as an expert in the field of lymphocyte defects in human primary immunodeficiencies.