Business alumnus Matthew Ho off to CAMP

31 March 2015

UTS alumni dominate design student awardsBachelor of Business Bachelor of Laws (2005)
Graduate Certificate in Legal Practice (2006)

UTS Business School alumnus Matthew Ho has been chosen as a delegate to the first China Australia Millennial Project (CAMP), a new initiative bringing together 200 of the brightest young minds from Australia and China to tackle common challenges and build networks.

Matthew will join CAMP’s UTS Entrepreneurship Thinktank, which is being led by the University of Technology, Sydney, as part of its joint sponsorship of CAMP with UTS:INSEARCH.

From March to May 2015, a pool of 200 young innovators aged 18-35 – including other University of Technology, Sydney alumni – will come together online in a number of thinktanks to work on various challenges under the guidance of industry and academic mentors.

They will then meet for an intensive, face-to-face summit during the Vivid Ideas Festival, from June 1-5, fine-tuning their ideas with mentors before pitching their ideas to industry, investor and government representatives at a final event.

CAMP founder Andrea Myles has described the forum as an opportunity to introduce the future chief executives of Australia to the future chief executives of China. “I’m looking forward to being able to network and meet other people interested in working in Asia, or in Australia for Asia,” Matthew says.

The Business/Law graduate will join nine other high performers from China and Australia in the UTS Entrepreneurship Thinktank. His collaborators come from diverse backgrounds, including finance, online retail, social innovation, risk management, technology and law.

'China is potentially the next technology superpower'

Matthew brings a family tradition of small business and his own history of entrepreneurship to the group.

Since graduating in 2003 he has developed businesses such as the Native Tongue language learning system and the Tapmint technology consultancy.

One of his early projects was JobCrunch, a job news, community and support website he co-founded with colleagues from the Next Digital agency in the wake of the global financial crisis.

“We wanted to help people who had lost their jobs bounce back,” he says. JobCrunch was a place where people could find information and support as they worked out their next steps. This short-term project ended in 2011.

That same year Matthew had the winning proposal in the inaugural Sydney Startup Weekend, with his Native Tongue language learning games system.  Native Tongue has three language mobile apps: Mandarin Madness, Spanish Smash and English Eruption. His latest venture, the Tapmint consultancy, aims to help others who want to build such digitally based businesses. In addition, he has an award-winning blog on entrepreneurship and the digital world.

Matthew says China is of particular interest to him as potentially the next “technology superpower”.

He says the view in some quarters of China as a producer of cheap, “copycat” goods is a misapprehension. “There is a lot of innovation going on there – they may pick up an idea but they’ll do a lot of innovation around the business model and product.”

Matthew says he hopes to come out of CAMP with more connections in China and with a better understanding of the nuances of its culture and society, including its business and entrepreneurial culture.

Byline: Lesley Parker for UTS Business School
Photo: Matthew Ho is joining the UTS Entrepreneurship Thinktank. Photograph by Lesley Parker
March 2015