New 2SER show highlights the varied and interesting career paths of UTS graduates

2 June 2015

Looking for a little life inspiration on a Sunday afternoon? Tune into 2SER’s newest radio program, The Chat, and meet the inspiring and innovative leaders and thinkers who are looking to change the future.

From a lawyer working to free journalist Peter Greste from an Egyptian jail, a designer intent on creating zero waste fashion, to a former refugee who wants every child to have a laptop and access to education the varied lives and career paths of UTS graduates often have one thing in common – a belief in making a difference in the world.

These innovative and inspiring UTS graduates are now the feature of The Chat – a new weekly radio program produced by 2SER 107.3FM. Since launching at the beginning of May, several UTS alumni including Gilbert & Tobin special counsel Stephanie Wee, recent fashion graduate Bolor Amgalan, Aboriginal midwifery advocate Leona McGrath and founder & CEO of One Education, Rangan Srikhanta, have shared where the path from the Tower has taken them.

Catch the most recent episodes here:

Leona McGrath

2014 Alumni Award Winner, Bachelor of Midwifery, 2009

At the age of 35, Leona McGrath sat her teenage children down and said she was going to university to pursue her dream of midwifery. They told her she was mad.

Fast forward to 2015, and Leona has had a distinguished career as a midwife working with Aboriginal women at the Malabar Community Midwifery Practice.

McGrath shares her experience and what strategies are being used to boost the Aboriginal health workforce.

The Chat with Leona McGrath


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Stephanie Wee

Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Business, 1998

Stephanie Wee cares deeply about social justice and wants to change the world. It's hard to imagine when looking out over Sydney Harbour from her office in the law firm Gilbert + Tobin, but the corporate world has allowed her to take on incredible pro bono legal work.

Recently, she was part of journalist Peter Greste's legal team. Before that she worked on a huge action on behalf of Aboriginal workers, taking on the government for unpaid wages. But her biggest triumph might have come earlier, in her twenties, working on Slobodan Milošević’s trial at The Hague, known as “the trial of the century”.

The Chat with Stephanie Wee


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Bolor Amgalan

Bachelor Design Fashion & Textiles, 2015

Fashion is something Bolor Amgalan has always wanted to do, and coming from a creative family it seems like a natural fit for the Mongolian born designer.

Recently graduated from a Fashion and Textile Design course, she has already received high acclaim for her first Australian collection, highlighting her passion in creating 'zero waste' design, which hopes to reduce the environmental footprint that comes with fast fashion.

The Chat with Bolor Amgalan


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Rangan Srikhanta

2011 Alumni Award Winner, Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Computing 2007

Growing up, Rangan Srikhanta had his sights set on becoming a CEO of a big corporation. But it was his passion for social justice and will to give back to Australia that took over.

After a brief stopover at Deloitte, the former refugee has concentrated on growing the One Laptop Per Child organisation – and today, more than 55,000 kids around Australia owe their colourful little laptops to One Laptop per Child Australia.

The Chat with Rangan Srikhanta


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