UTS Celebrates Neville Quarry: Speech by Louise Cox AM

11 August 2015

 On Tuesday 28 July, UTS friends and alumni gathered to celebrate the life and achievements of Professor Neville Quarry. As Dean and Professor of Architecture, Neville spent more than 20 years at UTS, where his vision, leadership and experience had a lasting influence on many of Australia’s leading architects and planners.

Renowned for his compelling vision for Australian architecture and his global awareness, he became a passionate advocate for the importance of travel and international exposure as part of a student’s education.

During the event, Louise Cox AO, distinguished architect, spoke of Neville’s earlier contribution as critic and editor of the Cross Section publication as well as Neville, the fellow professional and dear friend.

We are all here to celebrate the works and achievements of Neville Quarry, especially his contribution as an educator, architect and critic. He influenced the lives of so many of today’s leading architects.

He edited the Cross Section publication that came out of the University of Melbourne in the 1960s. As students at the University of Sydney, we really were informed of the latest happenings in the architecture world, we could not wait for the next month’s edition. There was criticism and praise, all great talking points for us.

He had an amazing knowledge of all the latest cutting edge architects inside and outside Australia. He started organising them to do architectural talkfests here in the late 1970s and 1980s.

Incredible architectural photos, including of chimneys old and new, were Neville’s speciality. He was most observant and gave a great illustrated talk himself.

He explained to me once that a student who could not draw and explain his designs, was absolutely exhilarated and enlightened when he understood CADD and computer drawing and could finally express himself freely through that medium and then showed that he was really a good designer.

Neville was an enabler and encouraged every student and architect that he came into contact with to show what they could really do. He respected other people’s point of view and allowed them to express themselves in the best way that they could.

With the Australian Institute of Architects National Conferences, Neville’s intellectual contributions and suggestions for sessions, speakers, and asking them to contribute, were excellent, whilst Peggy always helped with the speakers partners and their entertainment, tours, shopping etcetera. Ask her about Zaha Hadid’s dry-as-a-bone coat!!

The Quarry family and our family down the South Coast of New South Wales, relaxing, reminiscing together and really enjoying each other’s company, often with Daryl and Kay Jackson and their family as well, occurred often. We all love and loved the Far South Coast of NSW, sharing the sun, the sea, the beach, oysters, prawns, wine and other favourite food with our friends.

Going down the river together in a small dinghy to the Tasman Sea, near Eden amongst the forests is divine and uplifting and very special.

I was really influenced by Neville as a friend and fellow professional. He helped me sort out some difficult professional things and gave me very wise counsel in doing so.

He placed a huge emphasis on the importance of travel and international exposure as part of a student’s education which we will also celebrate tonight. I am delighted that I was asked to speak to you all about Neville, thank you.

Louise Cox AM
28 July 2015