Alumni Advantage Program to reward UTS graduates

UTS announces 10% savings for alumni on degree programs from 2017

AttilaUTS Alumni are a critical part of the UTS community. To nurture this relationship and to further support Alumni throughout their lives, UTS has launched the exciting new Alumni Advantage Program. This program allows UTS graduates to undertake further study and receive a ten per cent saving on all degree programs from January 2017.

“UTS alumni have indicated that they are keen to keep up-to-date with further study in order to progress their careers and continue to develop their skills,” says Professor Attila Brungs, UTS Vice-Chancellor and President.

“In response to that feedback, and because we want to maintain an ongoing relationship with our graduates, we’ve developed the Alumni Advantage, so our graduates will save money when they come back to UTS to gain that further knowledge.” 

Professor Brungs noted that graduates who had not been to UTS in the last five years might be surprised to see the extensive modern campus with its three new faculty buildings (with more to come), state of the art facilities, greener and more open spaces, plus a dynamic teaching and learning environment.

“It is now accepted that jobs of the future will be very different to those today,” he added. “As many as 40 per cent of Australian jobs – that’s around 5 million  – are expected to disappear or otherwise become obsolete over the course of the next ten to 15 years due to automation and advances in new technologies.

UTS is well placed to support demand for skills that will cater to jobs of the future, with programs such as The Hatchery pre-incubator, the trans-disciplinary Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation, Master of Data Science and Innovation, MBA in Entrepreneurship and new Master of Animation and Visualisation in conjunction with celebrated animation studio Animal Logic.

"Further studies provide an important advantage to stay competitive and adaptable to the changing professional environments and new opportunities"

“Ensuring our graduates are able to easily transition to this brave new world, where they may expect to have possibly up to 10-15 careers in a lifetime, is imperative for us at UTS. We of course do this through the graduate attributes we embed throughout our curriculum which aim to prepare all graduates for dynamic careers changing workplaces. For some, however, further studies provide an important advantage to stay competitive and adaptable to the changing professional environments and new opportunities.”

Innovation and creativity are now core attributes that businesses seek in their employees, and there is a growing demand for entrepreneurial skills for those wishing to start their own businesses.

“We want to support our graduates acquiring new skills and knowledge that will equip them for their own future. Some of these could include enhanced numeracy and digital skills, or sophisticated interaction skills in virtual, real and cross-cultural contexts.”

Whether you are seeking to accelerate your path to promotion, change careers or expand your horizons – you can enjoy the Alumni Advantage simply by enrolling in your chosen eligible course. And for graduates who are already studying at UTS, the 10% saving will also be automatically applied to all alumni who are currently mid-degree, from first session 2017.

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For more information and full details on eligibility, please visit the Alumni Advantage Program page or contact 1300 ASK UTS (1300 275 887) during business hours (9am - 5pm AEST) or via