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UTS offers scholarships for alumni to attend CAMP 2017!

18 October 2016

Statistics from the CAMP SummitFollowing the success of the inaugural China Australia Millennial Project (CAMP) Summit in 2015, the CAMP Summit is returning in 2017, and UTS is thrilled to announce 18 scholarships are available for UTS alumni and students.

A bilateral business incubator traversing a broad range of industries, CAMP unites exceptional young leaders and innovators from China and Australia to build intercultural capabilities, relationships, and innovative leadership skills under the guidance of industry and academic mentors.

“The rise, or return, of China is up there with the digital revolution as among the greatest moments shaping the 21st century, and it’s time to get on board,” says UTS Alumni Award recipient and CAMP CEO Andrea Myles, who co-founded the program, the first of its kind worldwide, in 2014.

Applications are now open for the 2017 Summit, which will bring together 150 new young innovators from Australia and China for two five-day innovation incubators, which will be hosted in Shanghai, at UTS and online over 100 days from March-June 2017.

These young leaders will build social venturing skills for the Asian Century and they will be mentored by global changemakers as part of networking, skills building and industry-related activities.

The program runs across 100 days, including a 90 day online component and 2 x 5 day face-to-face block programs in China and Australia. Participants will work to come up with solutions to some of the challenges common to both countries, including fostering entrepreneurship, innovation and intercultural leadership.

Last year, UTS alumnus Matthew Ho – Bachelor of Business Bachelor of Laws (2005) – participated in the Summit’s Entrepreneurship Thinktank working with a diverse range of participants from across finance, online retail, social innovation, risk management, technology and law. Click here to read about his experiences.

Get Involved!

UTS students and alumni applicants are encouraged to participate in this year's program, and are invited to apply for one of 18 scholarships places, which covers the full participation fee of AU$5,500.

The first of the scholarships has already been awarded to UTS Bachelor of Business student Kersti Muras, an aspiring social entrepreneur with an interest in "big picture" thinking and identifying future challenges and opportunities across disciplines and nations. Read more about Kersti and other 2017 Campers on the CAMP website

To find out more about the CAMP program, visit and submit your application by Thursday 1 December 2016. UTS alumni and students are invited to use the promotion code ‘UTSAPPLY’ to be considered for a scholarship place.

For full details about the program, and application requirements, check out the CAMP FAQs page.