The Chat returns for 2016!

Looking for a little life inspiration on a Sunday afternoon? Or a cracking tale to accompany your morning commute?

2 March 2016

Andrea MylesWe’re thrilled to share that 2SER’s program ‘The Chat’ is returning to the airwaves this Sunday, sharing the interesting and inspirational lives of some of our most accomplished alumni. And what’s more, it’s now available as a downloadable podcast on iTunes!

With International Women’s Day this week, catch this year’s first episode this Sunday afternoon, featuring a profile of influential young leader Andrea Myles, 2015 UTS Alumni Award winner and CEO and co-founder of the ground-breaking China Australia Millennial Project (CAMP).

Since establishing CAMP in 2014, Myles has been working hard to grow the bilateral business incubator uniting exceptional young leaders and innovators from Australia and China, with its five-day summit becoming a part of Sydney’s Vivid Ideas Festival.

Myles, who graduated from UTS with a Master of Arts in International Students (2007) and a Master of Arts in China Studies (2011), shares how her passion for China developed into one of world’s first specialist Australia-China incubators for young entrepreneurs.

“18-35 year olds in both Australia and China are pretty influential, very upwardly mobile,” says Myles in Sunday’s program.

“We’re on the cusp of really becoming these amazing leaders, so it’s a really great opportunity to socialise networks between emerging leaders in Australia and China early on in our careers so as we travel through we can collaborate and problem solve over a thirty, forty, fifty year time span.”

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The Chat’s producer and host, Ellen Leabeater, says Myles’ story of achievement is one of many that will be featured on the program in the weeks ahead.

“We have a fantastic series of interviews coming up this year, starting with Andrea’s story of how she is fostering the relationship between young Chinese and Australian innovators. We've also spoken to the producer of Academy Award winning Still Alice, the head of Christian Schools Australia and will soon be speaking with the former President of the NSW Bar Association,” says The Chat’s producer and host, Ellen Leabeater.

“As a uni student myself, I've been really lucky to meet these graduates, and hearing their passion for making a difference is very inspiring.

“Last year we had a wonderfully diverse range of guests on the show, from Clary Castrission who has created a social business making a huge impact to Indian kids, to Leona McGrath, an Aboriginal midwife helping to boost the Aboriginal nursing and midwifery workforce.

“This year we’re looking forward to sharing the stories of many more amazing individuals.”

The ChatFrom CEOs to SCs, fashion designers to forensic scientists, Sydney’s cat café entrepreneurs, animators, activists, midwives and more, The Chat has interviewed a host of remarkable UTS graduates as they return to Broadway to share their stories. 

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