Emerging technologies, data analytics and networks to shape tomorrow's workplace

2 August 2017

Technology is set to revolutionise the workplace of the future, UTS's thriving network of graduates in Vietnam heard at alumni receptions held in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi in July.

Hosted by Professor Ian Burnett, Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, the evenings were a wonderful opportunity for our Vietnam-based alumni to connect with fellow graduates and explore the 'Future of Work'.

More than 200 attendees heard from UTS academic Professor Eryk Dutkiewicz, Head of School of Computing and Communications, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at UTS, and industry leader Paul Huynh, Asia Pacific Head of People, Performance & Culture at KPMG.

The two experts shared their insights, stories and advice on mastering the skills that will be essential for the jobs of tomorrow, and explored how we can embrace agility, innovation and technology to help futureproof our own career paths.

"Vietnam is emerging as an exciting market across many industries, and provides dynamic opportunities for individuals across established corporates and in the start-up industry," said Professor Dutkiewicz.

Mr Huynh, who has worked in human resource functions across both Australia and Vietnam, said that despite an evolving business landscape, there are some skills and qualities that will always remain relevant for graduates, such as "teamwork, communication skills, problem solving, and analytical skills".

"In the workforce of the future, we know that technology and innovation will totally revolutionise how we do work and challenge current traditional processes and roles."

"Those traits, however, are no longer enough to truly differentiate yourself in the workplace," said Mr Huynh. "Increasingly we’re also looking for graduates who are agile and prove they can adapt quickly to changes in technology and succeed in changing business conditions."

Professor Dutkiewicz added: "For graduates to succeed in future environments, they will need to be fluent with technology on the one hand, and have a high level of adaptability and excellent problem solving skills on the other."

My Huynh also shared why it’s important for people to be constantly developing their knowledge and experience across technology and innovation, as well as various people and leadership skills.

"In the workforce of the future, we know that technology and innovation will totally revolutionise how we do work and challenge current traditional processes and roles. We see this already being manifested in a lot of markets, with new technologies, data analytics and social networks impacting how we communicate, collaborate and work," he said.

"There is a need and a greater focus on leadership development, particularly relationship building skills and coaching. Also, offering career paths that may not be the traditional vertical move but also looking at lateral movements through global mobility or stretch assignments. So skills such as cultural awareness and inclusion also become quite critical."

For UTS Business School graduate Huu Duong Trinh, the event in Hanoi was a chance to reconnect with UTS and reflect on his time in Australia. "Living in a new country in a new environment, society and culture changed me totally," he said.

Mr Trinh said that whether you get a job in your field of study or not, it's more about the experience; that you are open to a new country and new experiences.

"UTS gives your confidence a boost. The degree means a lot to me – it’s more than just a piece of paper. If I could go back in time and do it again, I would!"

The receptions in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City were a feature of an exciting calendar of international UTS alumni events in 2017. To keep in touch and hear about upcoming events, make sure to keep your details up to date, and connect with the alumni network closest to you.

Attendees from the Hanoi Reception

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