Hats off to the Class of 2017

1 June 2017

The Tower Building of the UTS campus was buzzing for two weeks in May as more than 4,000 new graduates milled around celebrating with fellow graduates, taking selfies and showing off their graduation testamurs to proud loved ones.

Clad in their black graduation gowns, accessorised with their faculty colour-coded hoods, the graduates in the Great Hall were celebrated for completing their studies, offered advice by the Deans, and delighted by the undergraduate war stories of high profile speakers including infrastructure giant and arts champion Luca Belgiorno-Nettis AM, digital economy expert Dr Ian Opperman, NSW Education Secretary and former head of the ABC Mark Scott, International Council of Nurses CEO Dr Frances Hughes ONZM and award-winning ABC journalist Dr Jenny Brockie.

These leaders in their fields, many of them UTS graduates themselves, shared familiar tales of pulling all-nighters for assignments, and working out the marks and grades they would need for final assessments to at least pass the semester. Their irreverent anecdotes were sprinkled through the pomp-filled ceremony, provoking delighted chuckles from graduates.

Some took the opportunity to take a group selfie with their cohort, like Instagrammer @pryzzbrah who snapped this shot with his fellow orthoptics graduates during the ceremony.

Selfies from the Class of 2017

After the speeches, jokes and the motivational pep talks from academic mentors and graduate speakers, the students headed up to the stage one-by-one to have their penultimate crowning moment of their years at university. With a handshake and a photo with the Dean, each student was congratulated and applauded, then ceremoniously sent offstage to the big world ahead. Then came the ULTIMATE crowning moment. The Photographs.

Level 5 of the UTS Tower was full of chatter as graduates and loved ones adjusted hats, straightened gowns, smoothed hair and checked teeth for this most critical order of business.

“Always making sure I look my best,” Instagram user @Jinetta shared on her Instagram post with this picture.

Selfies from the Class of 2017

There was loud laughter and giggles on the usually chilled-out Alumni Green as graduates and their loved ones took turns to take pictures in front giant #UTSALUMNI letters welcoming them to the alumni community.

Selfies from the Class of 2017

Instagram user @myrashimada took this joyful snap with her beaming parents:

Selfies from the Class of 2017

Many took the occasion to reflect on their journeys through university; their favourite memories, the sacrifices they and their families had made, and what they’d learnt after reaching the end of their studies.

One graduate, @adyt007 shared this heart-warming photo and message to his parents, thanking them for their support and offering them his testamur as a sign of his gratitude. “This one’s for you Mum and Dad”.

Selfies from the Class of 2017

Many graduates lamented how they would miss their classmates and tutors, the student lifestyle, and being able to relax and have fun with cherished friends and companions they met along the way.

Hear what our newest alumni will miss when they leave UTS:


Many of these graduates will pave lifelong careers in industries that their specialist degrees have prepared them for. Others will apply their new crossover skills in other ventures in a variety of fields. Some will continue on their academic journey, taking on postgraduate studies in Honours, Masters and Doctorates.

We are incredibly proud of all of them and hope that their time with UTS will serve them well in their journey ahead.

Grab a coffee and enjoy some of the brilliant photos that many of our graduates shared over during the ceremonies in our graduations photo gallery.

Story by Aaron Kim

Where has your journey taken you? As our newest graduates have just set off on their own post-university paths, we'd love to head where has life taken you? How has your time at UTS helped you in life? What do you remember about your time at uni?

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