Internships a win-win

3 October 2017

Li Hua Tong with painting

For students about to fly the UTS coop and embark on their career, internships can be invaluable: a way to build professional skills, gain practical workplace experience and enhance employability. It might even land them their first job after graduation.

But as many employers who have hired the best and brightest UTS students have discovered, it’s not just a one-way street. The fresh perspectives and skills UTS interns contribute to an organisation – not to mention the prospect of attracting potential top talent at an early age – mean that the benefits of internships are mutual.

“The biggest benefit by far is the calibre of the students,” says Theresa Dang, Senior Recruiter for Deloitte’s Student Programs. “We’re always impressed by interns from UTS. They have incredibly polished technical and industry-based skills, and bring a lot of ideas and energy to the table. They have a great can-do attitude, and their technical skills are second to none.”

As the coordinator of Deloitte’s internship program, Dang – a UTS Biomedical Science graduate (2005) – is able to help shape the future generation of professionals in her industry. She says that by getting to work on real projects for real clients, students can “get their hands dirty” and put everything they’ve learnt into practice.

“Interns who go through our Summer Vacationer program not only get a taste for what it’s like to work at Deloitte full time, but also get a chance to secure a full-time graduate position with us once their internship wraps up.”

One of Deloitte’s intern success stories is UTS graduate Neha Shivathaya (BDesign Visual Comm, 2016), who spent two months as a design intern with the Deloitte Digital and Design for Business teams. “She was so fantastic that we offered her a graduate position as soon as she finished up her internship,” says Dang.

Shivathaya is now a Design Strategist at Deloitte and works closely with clients to solve complex problems through design.

UTS graduate Aaron Ngan (BBus, 2016) had a similarly positive experience hiring a UTS intern for his non-profit organisation, Junior Achievement Australia. Ngan recruited UTS Business School student Vivien Tran to work on a range of marketing and operations tasks and projects including school and student outreach, promotions, events and social media.

“As a current student Vivien was in touch with our key engagement demographic: students. She was able to empathise with, and provide insight into, the aspirations and professional development needs of our university student market,” he says.

As the CEO of his organisation, Ngan has a special interest in helping students develop financial literacy, workplace readiness and entrepreneurship skills. “Taking on interns is a great opportunity to contribute to a future generation and also a way of having a fresh look at your everyday operations with insights that might surprise and impress you!”

How can I hire a UTS intern?

UTS has thousands of students, across multiple disciplines, eager to build their confidence, skills and connections, while making a positive contribution to your organisation.

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