Meet the Class of 2017: Andrew Hoang

1 June 2017

From the glimmers of exam panic to moments of pride; the stress of juggling life and work and study to the discovery of inner triumphant superheroes; with fire alarms, salsa classes and moments of hilarity in between – five of our newest graduates share their stories and tips for enjoying every moment at UTS.

Andrew HoangAndrew Hoang

Bachelor of Business Bachelor of Science in Information Technology 2017

I am 23 years of age, and I love taking photos, collecting vinyls and skateboarding. I am currently working as a Marketing Manager for a local Sydney camera store called Georges Cameras.

What inspired you to study at UTS?

A couple of reasons. Firstly my sister used to study at UTS and she really enjoyed her time there. What got me over the line was the actual social environment of UTS, everyone is so friendly and relatable. With an environment like this I saw myself being able to be learn and grow at uni.

What does graduating from UTS mean to you?

Graduating from UTS is a big part of my life. I was never a high achiever in high school and to be able to step into tertiary education, and come out with a degree showed me that I could do anything if I'm passionate about it.

What’s your favourite campus memory?

My favourite campus memory would be this one time we got evacuated out of building 10 because of a fire alarm, and later learnt that the "fire" was smoke from someone doing burnouts in the carpark. I thought that was pretty funny.

Tell us about your passion for photography and going global

At the moment it's really cool because I work in a camera store, so I get to be around cameras all day! I do dabble in a bit of content creation for Georges, I create YouTube and Social content for Georges which utilises my camera! So lucky for me I get the best of both worlds here.

Funny story about how I got into photography. It was about 4 years ago, I suffered from a really bad skateboarding injury and the physio told me I wasn't allowed to do any physical activity for three months. So I was home one day and saw my Dad's camera sitting at home and I asked him to teach me how to take photos. From then on, I became hooked.

Photography has given me the ability to document scenes and show people the world through my eyes, which I think is pretty cool. Sometimes I'm able to go places where people wouldn't normally go, or places where people live but don't normally know these places exist. I like to think my photography gives people a unique view of where they live, and the people that live in it. This kind of power drives me to continue to take photos. I want to show people the world! 

You can check out Andrew's incredible photography work via his website!

What's the best advice or lesson you learned during your time at uni?

Working in a group is difficult but can be fun and easy when you have good levels of communication and individuality. Collaboration doesn't work without solid communication. Also, being yourself is key to creating amazing ideas. Everyone has a unique personality and has different insights into the world. When everyone can contribute ideas, you will discover unique insights and crazy ideas that you wouldn't have come up with yourself. It's an extremely satisfying feeling when you come up with that golden idea as a group.

What are you passionate about achieving in your post-degree journey?

I would like to work in the marketing industry for a while. My goal is to give back to the world by being a teacher, whether it be in high school or university. I've always wanted to teach but I'd like to experience the world and the industry, to educate my students better with my past experiences and industry learnings. So I guess you could say I'm passionate about learning as much as I can so that I can one day be a teacher.

What words of wisdom do you have for new students starting out in their studies?

Uni is one of those things where you will only get out what you put in. Go to careers events, join a club, meet and network with as many people as you can at uni and in industry. These connections all will come useful one day. Everyone can study but making these networks and establishing a social profile is key to getting yourself across the line. Most importantly though, have fun at uni. You have so much time to go out and explore the world and meet awesome people.

P.S. Embrace Student Concession. When it's taken away from you it's devastating.

Do you have any other reflections you would like to share?

The pides from Uni Brothers in the UTS Tower food court are lit. (For non-millennials, ‘lit’ is slang for excellent).

Also, if you are planning to study in the UTS library on level 3, be prepared to cop endless hours of screaming from FIFA players from the games room. Saying that, the games room is the best place to chill at campus!

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