Meet the Class of 2017: Michael Drew

1 June 2017

From the glimmers of exam panic to moments of pride; the stress of juggling life and work and study to the discovery of inner triumphant superheroes; with fire alarms, salsa classes and moments of hilarity in between – five of our newest graduates share their stories and tips for enjoying every moment at UTS.

Michael DrewMichael Drew

Master of Business Administration 2017

What inspired you to study at UTS?

The opportunity to study a diverse range of electives within my MBA. I’m an avid sports fan who feels that sport is rapidly becoming the country's fastest professional service; the chance to include sports as a sub-major in my MBA was exactly what I was after.

What does graduating from UTS mean to you?

It’s the culmination of 4 years’ effort. It's a massive achievement when I look back at my time at UTS. I somehow managed to get married, become a father, start two new jobs and finish my MBA.

What’s your favourite campus memory?

Catching up with my fellow students after a long day in the office. It really gives you some perspective that you're not the only one that sleeps 5 hours a day!

What’s the best advice or lesson you learned during your time at uni?

On campus education is the perfect opportunity to put the stresses of work and home behind and embrace the opportunity of learning something new. This doesn't mean that your life lessons won't help – they actually help immensely – but it enables you to see problems with a new lens. This allows you take this new mindset to work, and challenge those around to help drive the move forward, and continually improve everyone around you.

What are you passionate about achieving in your postgraduate journey?

To expand my corporate experience internationally and working for Coca-Cola Amatil (and closely with Coca-Cola South Pacific) offers this.

My MBA gives me the confidence to go and make the most of this opportunity.

What words of wisdom do you have for students starting out on their postgraduate journey?

Sleep is an option :)

No, really some of the subjects you'll do become very addictive and the learning journey becomes a drug... You'll want more once you start.

Just commit to finding a few hours after dinner to lock in some study time and you'll finish your studies with amazing results and outcomes.

Do you have any other reflections you would like to share?

The best thing about post graduate study the people you meet. They become friends you'll keep for life. You'll also meet academics that challenge your current way of thinking and push you to embrace something new.

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