Meet the Class of 2017: Neus Pelegri

1 June 2017

From the glimmers of exam panic to moments of pride; the stress of juggling life and work and study to the discovery of inner triumphant superheroes; with fire alarms, salsa classes and moments of hilarity in between – five of our newest graduates share their stories and tips for enjoying every moment at UTS.

Neus PelegriNeus Pelegri

Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science (Honours), 2017

I am 21 years old, originally from Spain, and I moved to Australia in 2013 for study purposes. I have recently graduated from a Bachelor of Biomedical Science here at UTS and I’m currently doing my honours year. I love exercising, dancing and photography in my free time.

What inspired you to study at UTS?

I always wanted to study in English, and Australia was on the bucket list so when it came to deciding where to study I looked at all Australian universities offering the degree that I wanted. UTS offered the best ratio of theory to practice, and a young and innovative approach to teaching and learning which really appealed me.

What does graduating from UTS mean to you?

Graduating means kicking goals! It means I’m closer to my life goal and makes me feel accomplished. It is a milestone, and it means I am a professional now, not a student anymore and that is a big step. (It is quite scary too, real life now!)

Tell us about being a woman in science

Science, as many other industries, has been mainly driven by men in the past. Women still fight every day to have equal rights to males and to show that they can do the same things. I consider myself a feminist, and being able to be part of an industry where there is still such a small number of women involved makes me proud. I feel accomplished and want to encourage other females to feel empowered to follow their passion, despite people telling them they can’t.

My role models have always been strong passionate women. It all started with my grandmother from my Mum’s side, then my Mum who is a successful business woman and has mainly raised my sister and me by herself, and then my older sister who is a successful designer and business woman. I feel proud to have graduated from a science bachelor degree from a university that provides us with equal opportunities and contributes to the change.

What’s your favourite campus memory? 

One of the best parts of uni life was living on campus. As an international student I lived at the UTS Housing residences and being so involved in uni life was fantastic. One of my favourite memories was when I got asked to do the toast and opening speech of the residences’ annual dinner in the Great Hall in front of all the residences’ team, academics and fellow students. I have lots of memories in the Great Hall from exams, to dinners and now finally my graduation! Another of my favourite memories is when I got to teach some salsa classes to the other residents and we finished off at Establishment in the city. That was a fun night!

What's the best advice or lesson you learned during your time at uni?

I guess that the best lesson or advice I’ve learnt (and I am still learning) is that time flies. You don’t realise how fast it goes until it is all over, so enjoy every moment of it while it lasts.

What are you passionate about achieving in your post-degree journey?

I love learning. I am fascinated by knowledge so I feel like I will be forever studying new things. However, getting into research would be one of the things I want to accomplish in my post-degree journey - hopefully a PhD and teaching.

What words of wisdom do you have for new students starting out in their studies?

Whatever you do, do it with passion or don't do it at all. Passion is what will keep you going when you are feeling down - when problems come because problems are always there. So, either do it right and commit to it 100% or don’t start. There is nothing worse than doing something that you don't like. Do what you love, and if you start something and you don’t like it, change it, do something you are truly passionate about or it won’t make you happy. And trust me when I say that happiness is important. Happiness is the only thing that will keep you going even in your toughest times. Don’t forget to smile, even if you having your worst day ever. Activating those facial muscles will trick your brain and it will make you feel slightly better ;)

Do you have any other reflections you would like to share?

Any undergraduate or postgraduate course is tough and sometimes we lose motivation or don’t feel mentally prepared. So I encourage everyone to seek help. There is a brilliant team of counsellors that UTS offers and they are there to help. We all have moments of self-doubt and the same way you go to the doctor if you feel sick, you should ask for help if you don’t feel emotionally well.

(They taught me the smiling trick ;).

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