What do you think about UTS?

15 August 2017

We’re inviting all UTS alumni to participate in a short survey to help us create better opportunities, benefits and programs for alumni like you.

We're gathering views from UTS graduates and we want to hear from you! Whatever you have to say, we’d like to know.

The survey should only take a few minutes, all responses are anonymous, and your honesty is greatly appreciated.

Take the survey

Thank you – we really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.


UTS students on campus

About the Survey

How will findings be used?

This survey is part of the Australian Barometer of Alumni Sentiment, a collaborative project across Australian universities to better understand their valued graduates. Findings will be used in two ways. Firstly, your responses will be joined with the responses of others to help us appreciate what is important to alumni and how they see the University and what it offers them as graduates. This will help us work to meet your priorities. Secondly, our University will share our findings with other Australian universities so that the sector can know more and do more in the interests of graduates.

Will I be identified?

No. We ask you to complete the questions anonymously as we hope you will answer as accurately and candidly as you can. We do not link your responses to your name or any other identifying information. This is why you might be asked about your program – we are not linking to the details held for you personally. Not only are your responses completely anonymous when you give them: they are anonymous when we analyse them. You can be assured we do not identify responses at any stage or with any party within or outside the University. Findings are reported in aggregated form to show views and priorities so that improvements can be made to what we offer alumni.

More questions?

Please contact the UTS alumni office, or Dr Kym Madden, an independent researcher who is conducting the survey on behalf of UTS at kmadden@customcom.com.au.