Developing our next long-term strategic plan

14 June 2018


2018 is a big year for UTS. We're celebrating our 30th birthday and we've successfully concluded our last 10-year strategic plan. In that time we've transformed, and our ability to positively affect society has been profound.

It's time for a new strategy

We're developing our next long-term strategy. One that is clear in its vision, ambitious in its scope, highlights our distinctiveness, but allows us to be agile in a period that’s likely to see considerable change and disruption to higher education in Australia and globally.

Reaching out to our community

Our collegial and collaborative culture is what sets us apart and gives us our competitive edge. And, we are developing a vibrant, 'living' strategic plan that has been shaped by our community of staff, students, industry partners and, you, our alumni.

To that end we are inviting all our alumni to contribute to the melting pot of ideas that will form our future strategy through our UTS2027 collaborative ideas platform. If you’ve received an email inviting you to participate, please log in to the platform with the email address we contacted you on and join the conversation.

The ideas you’ll see posted in the platform are the result of a two-phase staff consultation process we have already undertaken. If you have a great idea that you’d like us to consider, that isn’t covered in the platform, please feel free to email our project team at

Together with proposals from leadership, and initiatives carried over from previous strategies, ideas from our community will inform the development of our strategy that will be published by the end of the year.