Thank you

7 December 2018

I’d like to thank the over 6,000 members of our growing UTS community who contributed nearly $10 million in new gifts and pledges in 2018 towards supporting life-changing research, scholarships and other programs at the university.

We are incredibly fortunate at UTS to have a network of alumni, donors, staff and friends who share our belief in the fundamentally transformative power of education.

Giving comes from the heart and is a selfless act that considers the needs of others before one’s own. We are so grateful that in 2018, many chose UTS as a beneficiary amongst a sea of worthy philanthropic opportunities, and it will be our privilege to honour this generosity by ensuring UTS delivers real benefit for society.

Support of globally significant research has enabled real impact and progress in against some of the world’s most difficult challenges. Two prominent examples include seeing tangible hope offered to individuals with catastrophic spinal injuries, thanks to the groundbreaking work of the Centre for Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine; and progress made in the fight against slavery in all its forms, through research carried out by Anti-Slavery Australia.

Philanthropic support nourishes and sustains education initiatives and life-changing scholarship opportunities at UTS, helping thousands of students every year to overcome barriers like financial hardship.

In 2018, the Alumni Annual Appeal Change Starts by Degrees focussed on improving Indigenous outcomes. More than 500 alumni gave over $150,000 in donations alongside hundreds of opportunities for internships, mentoring and employment, and even practical advice for students working in the call centre. In addition to this, nearly 200 participants in the UTS Staff Giving Program truly led by example, providing gifts to assist marginalised students totalling over $115,000.

The combined funds raised by our community went towards Diversity Access Scholarships, laptops and devices, Financial Assistance Services, rental subsidies, emergency grants and vouchers for books and groceries. For many students who received this help, it has made the difference between whether they complete a course, or withdraw.

In 2018, your generosity and support has helped to ensure students have the best chance possible to succeed at UTS and empowered our world–class research, making a better future for us all.

Thank you,

Celia Hurley