July 2014

Rosanne Hunt

This month we congratulate 10 UTS alumni whose contribution to the community has been recognised in the 2014 Queen's Birthday Honours.

The new Faculty of Engineering and IT building on Broadway continues to excite and will soon be open to the public, until then enjoy a virtual tour.

As always, we welcome your thoughts and comments - alumni@uts.edu.au

Warm regards,

Rosanne Hunt
Deputy Director, Alumni and Communications

Research shows midwifery's "vital potential" to save lives

Research shows midwifery's vital potential to save lives. Read more.

If the coverage of midwifery services around the world increased by just a quarter, it's estimated the current rate of maternal deaths could be halved by 2030, according to a major new series in leading international medical journal The Lancet.

Silicon Valley success

Silicon Valley success. Read more.

UTS alumnus and entrepreneur Adrian Turner (BBus 1997) built a company that the world's technology giants now rely on. He shares what drives him…

Justice for women

Justice for women. Read more.

What would justice look like to a woman who had survived the violence of war? Dr Lucy Fiske's research into this subject has captured the attention of the United Nations.

Making wealth from waste

Making wealth from waste. Read more.

Much of the metal content in gadgets such as mobile phones is valuable, so why do we send it to landfill? New research warns Australia risks missing out on new and sustainable business opportunities by ignoring the benefits of recycling metals.

Event: The Grey Years?

Event: The Grey Years. Read more.

Can we be certain that our efforts to stay healthy, learn, then earn and save for more than just a rainy day will reward us in our retirement? Can we count on having a job at 50, let alone at 70? UTS Business School experts debate these and other uncertainties at a special event.