September 2014

Rosanne Hunt

At UTS, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to reach their academic potential, whatever their background or circumstances. We are passionate about growing our capability to support students and this month you can help by contributing to the UTS Alumni Scholarship Fund.

One of our students may call you to ask for a contribution to this important fund and I hope you will answer the call for support. To find out more or to make a donation directly, please click here. You can also read the powerful story below of a midwifery student from Africa who has succeeded against the odds thanks to scholarship support.

Kind regards,

Rosanne Hunt
Deputy Director, Alumni and Communications

A lifelong ambition

More than she expected. Read more.

Bachelor of Midwifery student Vianney Uwamahoro was only eight when she was orphaned by genocide. The lone survivor from her family, she overcame great odds to study in Australia and is now just four subjects away from completing her degree.

Breaking bad in North Korea

Breaking bad in North Korea. Read more.

Who would go to North Korea for a holiday? A dreary, militarised country rife with hunger and oppression, the Hermit Kingdom isn't at the top of most people's travel list. But some Chinese tourists, perhaps nostalgic for the days of Mao Tse-tung, regularly make the trip across the border.

The forgotten Anzacs

The forgotten Anzacs. Read more.

Indigenous Australians returning from the First World War expected their courage would be recognised and conditions back home improved. Most were bitterly disappointed, says UTS Professor Heather Goodall.

Energy booster

Energy booster. Read more.

UTS researchers will develop a low-cost, high-performance rechargeable battery to store power from renewable energy sources for later use. The project has received a $750,000 investment from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency and $1.24m industry support.

Designing big dreams

Designing big dreams. Read more.

After initially missing out on university, recent UTS design graduate Zakary Chenoweth has received an international award for his work as a production designer.