Andrew Penfold
At 38, Andrew Penfold quit the money trail to transform the lives of thousands of underprivileged Indigenous children.

Christopher Johnson
NSW Government Architect for a decade, Chris Johnson's fingerprints are on the master plans of some of Sydney's most important and controversial pieces of infrastructure.

Geoff Lloyd
Rather than waiting for markets to recover after the GFC, Geoff Lloyd is focused on the future of Perpetual Ltd and the value the company can give its clients.

George Koukis
Founder of pioneer software company Temenos Group AG, George Koukis has lived in Switzerland for twenty years but his affection for Australia and UTS is palpable.

George Savvides
How did George Savvides, who studied industrial engineering at university, end up becoming one of Australia's most visionary thinkers on the challenging subject of the nation's future health policy?

Guy Templeton
MBA graduate Guy Templeton explains why UTS is one of the Australian universities to watch.

Kim McKay AO
Founder of Clean Up Australia, Kim McKay AO, shares her plans for the future and reflects on her return to Australia after seven years in the United States.

Luca Belgiorno-Nettis AM
The closest thing contemporary Sydney has to a Renaissance Man, Luca Belgiorno-Nettis AM, is a former student of UTS who has chaired the university’s arts advisory board for the past decade.

Martin Bean
Now Vice-Chancellor at RMIT, Martin Bean made a substantial impact in his former role as Vice-Chancellor of The Open University in the United Kingdom, opening access to higher education.

Michael Coutts-Trotter
Director-General of the NSW Government’s Department of Finance and Services, Michael Coutts-Trotter says that UTS opened his eyes to the value, and occasional dangers, of applying theory to understand the rough and tumble of life.

Neil Chatfield
One of Australia's leading businessmen, Neil Chatfield is an expert in the notoriously dangerous sphere of mergers and acquisitions.

Nina Blackwell
Head of External Affairs for Humanity United, Nina Blackwell is dedicated to building world peace, ending genocide and modern-day slavery, and advancing the causes of human freedom.

Russell Balding
Rather than blow his own trumpet or give much away. Russell Balding prefers to quietly get on with business, even when that business is as controversial and in the news as, for instance, the ABC, Sydney Airport Corporation or the RTA.

Sekai Holland
Zimbabwean senator Sekai Holland has repeatedly put her life on the line to improve the lot of underprivileged people – and she would not have it any other way.

Warwick Negus
The first in his family to pursue a tertiary education, Warwick Negus has forged a stellar career in the banking and finance sector, with leadership positions at some of the world’s largest investment firms.