UTS Alumni Awards 2016

Meet this year’s UTS Alumni Award winners: passionate, innovative and inspiring individuals making a difference in Australia and across the globe.

Dr Frances Hughes ONZM

Dr Frances Hughes ONZM

UTS Chancellor’s Award for Excellence
UTS Alumni Award for Excellence - Faculty of Health

Doctor of Nursing (2003)

Chief Executive Officer, International Council of Nurses

"I am motivated by equality and social justice; by ensuring that health care is accessible and affordable to all – particularly to vulnerable populations."

Emre Celik

Emre Celik

UTS Community Alumni Award

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems Engineering (2001)

President and Chief Executive Officer, Rumi Forum

"It is a privilege to be a catalyst for social change; to play a role in alleviating the concerns of others and bring together diverse communities to overcome social discord and misunderstanding."

Emmanuel FreudenthalEmmanuel Freudenthal

UTS Young Alumni Award

Bachelor of Business (2006) Hons 1 (2007)

Freelance Investigative Journalist

"A number of Australian mining companies operating in Africa have a very dark history of corruption and human rights violations – yet no one has been jailed. I’m curious by nature, and this is the kind of thing I want to look into."

Emmanuel's face has been deliberately obscured to protect his anonymity.

Nguyen The TrungNguyen The Trung

UTS International Alumni Award

Bachelor of Science in Computing Science (2002)

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, DTT Technology Group

"It’s important to me that DTT strives for an international standard, and drives Vietnamese engineers to perform at that level."

Russell Taylor AMRussell Taylor AM

UTS Indigenous Australian Alumni Award

Master of Business Administration (1993)

Chief Executive Officer, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

"I believe that improved education and intercultural knowledge and understanding are important pathways to achieving a rosier future for my mob, and for all Australians."

Kim Crestani

Kim Crestani

UTS Alumni Award for Excellence - Faculty of Design, Architecture & Building

Bachelor of Architecture (1984)

Director, Order Architects
"No matter how large the project, it is quintessentially the public who will use and connect with these projects; they should make people’s lives more enjoyable."

Sean Gordon

Sean Gordon

UTS Alumni Award for Excellence - Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

Bachelor of Education in Adult Education (2000)

Chief Executive Officer, Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council

"Our goal is to close the gap on the social and economic disadvantage of Indigenous Australians."

Bettina McMahon

Bettina McMahon

UTS Alumni Award for Excellence - Faculty of Engineering & Information Technology

Master of Business in Information Technology Management (2007)

Executive General Manager, Government and Industry Collaboration and Adoption, Australian Digital Health Agency
"It's so important that young women see examples of other women who have successful STEM careers and who also have some balance in their lives, such as pursuing interests outside work or raising a family."

Cristina Cifuentes

Cristina Cifuentes

UTS Alumni Award for Excellence - Faculty of Law

Bachelor of Laws (1995)

Commissioner, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
"I have long believed that what really matters is not what you have, but what you do with it. It’s important to me that I use my skills and experience to contribute to better public outcomes."

Richard Ferrero

Associate Professor Richard Ferrero

UTS Alumni Award for Excellence – Faculty of Science

Bachelor of Applied Science Biomedical Science (1985)

Research Group Head, Gastrointestinal Infection and Inflammation, Hudson Institute of Medical Research
"It is a dream of mine that we could one day develop a vaccine to prevent infection in the first place."

Kate Burleigh

Kate Burleigh

UTS Alumni Award for Excellence – UTS Business School

Master of Business in Marketing (2000)

Managing Director, Intel Australia/New Zealand

"I have learned that the one constant is change, and your ability to adapt to change – or ideally to drive change – is the only sure path to achieving growth."