Issue 16

Issue 16: Winter 2017

Cover of Issue 16 of Tower Magazine

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Between faith and football

Amna Karra-Hassan on the football field

Amna Karra-Hassan shares her journey: from UTS to conquering cultural barriers and the AFL.

Getting down to business

Catherine Livingstone AO

A career at the forefront of leadership and innovation brings Catherine Livingstone AO to her new role as UTS Chancellor.

The Towering 10

Erfan Azadi

Meet the high-achieving UTS alumni who’ve become success stories in Australia and abroad. Their inspiring work has enriched numerous fields, including business and entrepreneurship, science, media and more.

Embracing the thought revolution

Professor Louise McWhinnie

The Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation will change the way UTS graduates tackle today’s problems.

A rewarding journey

Kristy White

Together, UTS’s alumni community will continue to make extraordinary achievements around the world.

Unlocking the central nervous system


The Centre for Neuroscience and Regenerative Medicine at UTS sits on the cusp of a revolution as it unlocks the secrets of the central nervous system.

Willing change

Laurie Cowled with UTS student Ellie Slade

Laurie Cowled’s legacy gift to UTS will benefit Indigenous women for generations.