Magic box

Protospace 3D printer

Protospace 3D printer. Photography: Kevin Cheung

Capable of producing large–scale objects of up to 1x1x1 metre in size, this 3D printer is one of the many highlights of the UTS ProtoSpace, a 900 square metre facility that features an extensive collection of additive manufacturing technologies.

The orange stool on the right, a relatively simple project, takes 26 hours to print to a resolution of one–millimetre per layer. With a little more time, it can be printed to as fine a resolution as 0.35 millimetres per layer.

The facilities at ProtoSpace are also capable of medical–grade laser welding, high–accuracy 3D scanning, and producing commercial–grade plastic products and mixed materials (plastics and semiconductors).

Located directly opposite the Superlab in the Graduate School of Health building, ProtoSpace fosters a multidisciplinary approach across engineering, IT, design and science — enabling students and industry to explore just how far they can reshape the manufacturing sector.

UTS is at the forefront of cutting–edge 3D technologies. To find out more about the UTS ProtoSpace, visit

Story and Photography by Kevin Cheung