Tower: Issue 3

Issue 3

Spring 2010

Cover of Issue 03 of the Tower Magazine with Rangan Srikhanta

The luminaries issue of Tower Magazine profiles the achievements of outstanding UTS graduates such as ABC Indonesia Correspondent Matt Brown, filmmaker Claire McCarthy and Rangan Srikhanta, Executive Director of One Laptop per Child Australia.

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Issue 3 Articles

The XO has landed

Kids using laptops with their mother

When he left UTS just four years ago with a double-degree in business and computing, Rangan Srikhanta's career path seemed mapped out in front of him: chief information officer of a leading corporation was the goal. Instead, Srikhanta made it all the way to CEO – and much faster than most.

Mamma Africa

Irene Gleeson AO in Africa

Irene Gleeson AO lives without power, stands up to armed rebels, and changes the lives of thousands of children.

Moving on with transport

Woman on a moped

Dr Garry Glazebrook, Senior Lecturer at UTS’s School of the Built Environment and Transport Policy Manager for City of Sydney, looks at the unique challenges facing Australia’s busiest city.

Building on success

Alicia Maynard

A career in engineering provides an array of opportunities for those who think outside the square – from design and innovation, corporate design philosophy and green construction sites, to working with developing communities. Women in engineering are still a minority, but the tide is turning. We talk to three alumni whose passion for the industry is palpable.

Foreign Correspondent

Matt Brown in front of a tank

ABC Indonesia Correspondent Matt Brown offers a glimpse into the life of a broadcast journalist and tales of the unexpected from hotspots around the world.

Campaign for freedom

Associate Professor Jennifer Burn, Director of the Anti-Slavery Project.

Human trafficking and slavery is a global issue, a business that reaps huge profits for the traffickers and misery for the trafficked.