Tower: Issue 5

Issue 5

Summer 2011

Cover of Issue 05 of the Tower Magazine

Catching babies, saving endangered animals, solving health riddles, and leaving it all behind to start up community development projects in South America. What else have UTS alumni been up to?

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Issue 5 Articles

A Little Bit of Heart and So(U)L

So(U)l participants

A new community engagement and leadership program at UTS will provide an outlet for students to get involved with their local community and to understand the role of not-for-profit and community organisations.

Cloud Success

OrionVM staff

When asked about OrionVM, the cloud computing company he co-founded two years ago, Sheng Yeo smiles. "It's going okay," he says but that might be an understatement. OrionVM is now the world's fastest cloud computing platform.

Good to do Business With

Two design stiudents

How do 'connected citizens' use their smart phones to inhabit, enjoy and navigate their urban environment? Telstra partnered with 20 UTS design students recently to conduct user-centred design research into how connected Sydney's citizens are.

In the name of Science

Muscles of a fencer

Laws now reflect the important role dead bodies (referred to as cadavers in the medical profession) play in furthering education, and in most countries a person can now bequeath their body to medical science. But demand continues to eclipse supply.

Jumping the Gun


Over the years, debate on the sensitive issue of kangeroo culling has polarised opinion. To promote further debate and foster independent research on the topic, UTS has established an innovative think-tank, called THINKK.

Partners in Hope

Small child

Professor Alison Lee is heading a team of researchers on a seven-year project called Partners in Hope, which aims to change the way government services deal with substance-dependent women who, in many cases, are also dealing with mental illness and domestic violence, as well as having children.

Nurturing Our Sporting Elite

Joanne Brigden-Jones in a kayak

A focused group of athletes is finely balancing end-of-year exams with preparations for one of the biggest achievements of their sporting career – the Olympic Games.

Prescription for care

Woman scientists

Pharmacy is entering a new age and so too is the way in which pharmacists are being educated.

What Lies Beneath

Working with sharks

Their reputation as 'man-eaters' is more suited to fiction than reality says Dr Rachel Robbins (PhD, 2007), Chief Scientist of the Fox Shark Research Foundation.

Setting the Dial on Community Radio

Melanie Withnall

In an era of media proliferation, where audiences are no longer defined by geography and almost anyone can broadcast to the world, what space is there for community radio? Managing Director of 2SER, Melanie Withnall, confirms why your local station is just as important as ever.