Tower: Issue 6

Issue 06

Winter 2012

Cover of Issue 06 of the Tower Magazine

Check out the construction site of UTS’s groundbreaking Dr Chau Chak Wing Building, designed by worldrenowned architect Frank Gehry; get the inside word on the partnership between UTS and Frank Gehry; hear from two students who interned at Gehry Partners in LA, and meet future journalist and current UTS student Brooke Boney – plus much more.

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Issue 6 Articles

Tomorrow’s graduate

Brooke Boney

One of Australia’s most promising young journalism students, UTS undergraduate Brooke Boney, shares her hopes for a better future, plus her views on the big issues affecting her generation as Australia enters the Asian Century.

A lifesaving mission

Michele Rumsey

Australia may boast world-class maternity facilities, but the situation for many South Pacific countries is very different. The outlook is gradually improving thanks to the vital work of UTS to improve maternal-child health in the region.

At the coalface

Smog covered Shanghai

Australia’s top scientific research organisation, the CSIRO, is actively working with several Chinese partners to confront the challenges of global warming accentuated by the rise of greenhouse gases.


Hael Kobayashi

UTS’s Executive Director of the Creative Innovation Unit, Hael Kobayashi’s distinguished resume includes a role on the Oscar-winning movie Happy Feet. He talks to Cameron Cooper about Sydney’s emergence as a hub for creative industries.

Community voice

Sarah Artist

The UTS Centre for Local Government may be local in name, but it has forged an international reputation. Mark Abernethy talks to the Centre’s Assistant Director, Sarah Artist, about its growth and commercial success over the last 21 years.

Crossing borders

Philip Wen

What are the key issues facing foreign journalists working in China? Two UTS alumni – Fairfax Media’s acting China correspondent Philip Wen and the ABC’s China correspondent Stephen McDonell – open up on life inside the communist country.

Gehry's vision

Model of new UTS Business School

Frank Gehry’s first Australian building, UTS’s Dr Chau Chak Wing Building, has received planning approval from the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure.

Good morning Vietnam

Tuan Anh Vu and Tze-Ay Chuah

A scholarship program for Vietnamese PhD students is not only attracting top talent, it’s playing a vital role in strengthening UTS’s engagement with Vietnam.

Rules of engagement

Associate Professor Devleena Ghosh and Professor Ujjwal Kumar Singh

UTS has cemented its place as a world-class destination for global thought leaders from India, helping to generate a stronger crosscultural understanding between the two countries.

Sky's the limit

Illustration of star with suitcase

It’s not just the mining sector that is benefiting from our blossoming relationship with China. Nick Gardner investigates the impact of the Asian Century on tourism in Australia.

Sydney’s most entrepreneurial community revealed

Professor Jock Collins

The Korean community may not be the most visible of Sydney’s immigrant groups, but it is the wellspring of some of the city’s most successful entrepreneurs, according to a new report by researchers from the UTS Business School.

The social network

Professor Jim Macnamara

A new study reveals the rise of ‘social organisations’ that lack strategy and governance – so how can companies mitigate the risks but capitalise on the opportunities of social media?

The two of us

Larteasha Griffen and Laurie Cowled

Former UTS student scholarship recipient and current SBS journalist Larteasha Griffen’s career has taken off thanks to the support of scholarship donor Laurie Cowled.

UTS fights to protect intellectual property

Illustration of a human head

UTS isn’t resting on its laurels when it comes to intellectual property protection in the Asia-Pacific.

When east meets west

Blurred photo of street in China

The Asian Century is upon us – so how can Australia capitalise on its burgeoning relationship with the region?